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Integrated GIS Data Collection Workflows for Esri ArcGIS Users

Trimble has long supported GIS data collection customers who have an investment in the Esri® ArcGIS® platform. From the early days of Esri ArcGIS ArcPad®, Trimble® GPScorrect™, and Trimble GPS Analyst™ for ArcGIS Desktop—through to the latest releases of Esri ArcGIS Field Maps (with Trimble tech inside) and Trimble Mobile Manager—Trimble has enabled the Esri ArcGIS customer with high accuracy GNSS workflows. 

Since its release 10 years ago, Trimble Positions™ Desktop add-in has been the primary tool for the ArcGIS Desktop customer to use when managing field data collection projects with Trimble software and hardware. The add-in provides functionality for creating projects and schema based on the ArcGIS geodatabase, sending data to the field for data maintenance, and harvesting all collected data directly back into the GIS without any import/export steps or loss of data consistency. Several years ago, Trimble released a limited-functionality (and free) version of the add-in, called Trimble TerraFlex™ Desktop add-in, to work purely with TerraFlex cloud projects.

New subscription-based desktop software for GIS users

In conjunction with the release of the offline GNSS corrections workflow for TerraFlex, we are excited to announce new software designed for the Esri ArcGIS Desktop user: Trimble® Terra™ Office add-in for ArcMap®. The new software comes with support for the new offline GNSS corrections workflow as well as an entirely updated license model. Licensing of Trimble Terra Office is done through annual subscriptions, managed in Trimble License Manager, and consistent with Trimble TerraFlex and the Trimble Catalyst™ GNSS positioning service.

Trimble Terra Office provides a complete, streamlined workflow to manage your high-accuracy GNSS field data collection projects for optimal accuracy and integrity. The desktop solution extends your investment in back-office GIS by connecting the field workflow directly to your existing GIS for efficiency and maximum data and schema consistency.

Trimble Terra Office workflow diagram

Comprehensive field workflow support

The Trimble Terra Office add-in for ArcMap supports the same workflows as the latest release of Trimble Positions Desktop add-in with the addition of TerraFlex offline GNSS corrections. The new add-in replaces both Trimble Positions Desktop and Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-ins.

* Currently supported in Trimble Positions Desktop and Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-ins.
** Currently supported in Trimble Positions Desktop add-in only.


For more information about availability and upgrades for current Trimble Positions users, visit the Terra Office web page or contact your local Trimble distributor.