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BIM Plays Key Role in Successful Construction Projects

As we’ve come to expect and demand, technology is ever expanding, evolving and improving. Building Information Management (BIM) processes are no exception. BIM technology is going beyond exact documentation by also playing an integral role in helping project teams determine costs, materials and quantities, as well as schedules, maintenance and operations data for construction projects. The end goal is the best possible outcome at an optimal cost.

This POB Magazine article describes how BIM processes are used in all phases of large construction projects, such as Denver Water’s Operations Complex Redevelopment in downtown Denver. As the article describes, multiple project teams no longer have to work in data silos, thanks to BIM platform products like Trimble Connect.

Further advancing large projects like this one is virtual/augmented reality that allows BIM into the field. According to Trimble marketing director Boris Skopljak, “Instead of just being a cool demonstration of technology, VR/AR is now being used to make intelligent design decisions during pre-construction and planning, and for clash detection, progress monitoring and team coordination during construction.”

Read the full article in POB Magazine. To learn more about Trimble products, visit here.